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Do You or Your Team Have . . .

  • Miscommunications that cost time, money, and productivity?
  • Lack of focus, initiative, or follow through that impedes growth?
  • Excuses or blaming that prevent effective day-to-day operation?
  • Procrastination challenges that lead to missed goals, targets, or deadlines?


“Karen has earned the respect of our team because she tells it like it is in a manner that is well received versus what we want to hear.”
~ Roland P Williams, GM Castro Valley Sanitary

Take a look at your results. Are they what you want or do you need them to be different?

Karen Gridley, The Excuse Removal Expert™, trains, facilitates and coaches people to maximize individual productivity in their day-to-day operations so you and your team get effective RESULTS!

Karen will show you how to overcome the hurdles blocking your success. She will show you how to Improve Communication, Develop Leadership Skills, Be Proactive and Accountable, and Complete Deliverables on Time.

Who Hires Karen: