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Lose Your Excuses, Gain a Life ebook

Open this book and you will uncover the tools needed to create the life you desire . . . and DESERVE.  Excuses have infiltrated people’s lives to the point of becoming unnoticeable.  At the same time we experience frustration for “wishing” areas of our lives could be different.  When you uncover the facades of validity of your excuses you transform your life from wishful thinking into a fulfilling life.

Karen’s gift for you

…her eBook, Lose Your Excuses, Gain a Life. Are you living every day motivated, successful and happy or would you change something in your life? Dare to dream for a moment . . . what would your life look like?  This book offers tools to create the life you desire.

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People who move beyond excuses achieve success and know it is essential to Embrace Your Rights

Jack Canfield says,

“There is a lot of wisdom packed into these few pages. If everyone who read this book would adopt this personal bill of rights they would live a rich, happy, and fulfilling life.”  – Jack Canfield Co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and author of The Success Principles™

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In this book you’ll learn the fifty self-empowering rights successful people know, embrace and embody in creating joy, freedom and purpose.  You will also be inspired and motivated to stay on track with thought provoking quotes from leaders past and present.

BIO: Karen Gridley is the Excuse Removal Expert™. She leads people to take control of their business and their life as she exposes the excuses that prevent problem solving and block success. As a Recovering Excuse Maker™ herself, Karen gives practical tools for people to own their choices and their outcomes, professionally and personally.