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Where is Your Stress Taking You?

What is the cause of your current stress level? Interestingly, most people and organizations tend to look at outside factors. Achievements parallel our own development, both as individuals and as teams. The real causes of stress are rarely acknowledged or addressed. Common Stressors U

Explode Into Unlimited Possibilities

What does success mean to you? That is a term that is often casually and flippantly used, yet have you ever paused to specifically define the word for you beyond a generalization? A common hurdle that has us get in our own way (me included) is the self-doubt of are we “good enough”. O

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

In the past week I’ve attended two professional development events that had a similar theme of loving ourselves as a primary message. What theme occurred for you recently? Were you so caught up in “doing” that you missed “being” or the opportunity to receive the insight? The universe

Have the “Don’t Feel Like It” Syndrome?

How are you doing with your 2014 goals? Have you abandoned pursuit already? Mid to late January is typically when the majority of people lose motivation and cease any action toward their goals . . . that is if they identified any goals! Three common reasons for abandoning desires and

Do You Let Problems Derail Your Success?

  How do you respond under pressure? Do you persist or quit? What about if the first action still leaves you with a problem versus resolution? Recently the air conditioning in my house stopped working. True, it is a dry heat here in Arizona and shoveling is unnecessary. That said, the

How Do You Invest in You or Your Team?

What do you think of when you hear the word “investing?” Most probably would consider strictly money. What if you and your team looked at everything as an investment? The reality is, everything is. Remember, if you’re an individual or an entrepreneur reading this, you also have a team

Your Customer Service Depends on YOU!

Who is your customer? Whether an entrepreneur, an employee, or retired we all have people who function as our customer. Who have you identified as your customer? What if we approached each situation with the mindset that EVERYONE is our customer? Sure in business, the consumer of our

Untapped, Dormant or Fully Utilized?

What gift in you is untapped? As Jack Canfield has been known to ask, “What are you pretending not to know?” How many times have you attempted to ignore a nudge from within only to experience the constant plaguing of that insight? Sometimes talents can be hidden behind excuses or even

Aligning You And Your Goals For Success!

What goals have you set for yourself this year? Have you already forgotten them? Are they perpetual goals that are stated yearly without moving in that direction? Funny thing about goals; and maybe annoying; they do not achieve themselves. Achievement is directly proportional to the i

Dream, Believe, Achieve!

Do you have a dream, (or dreams) you’d like to achieve? Does your current belief system support your dream(s)? I have a sign in my office that reads, “The most important tool for success is the belief you can succeed.” This has served as a powerful reminder for me. A belief is a thoug