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Where is Your Stress Taking You?

What is the cause of your current stress level? Interestingly, most people and organizations tend to look at outside factors. Achievements parallel our own development, both as individuals and as teams. The real causes of stress are rarely acknowledged or addressed. Common Stressors U

Valuable Lessons from Animated Christmas Specials

For many, stress elevates during this time of year as already full and demanding schedules are crammed with even more tasks and events. When stress goes up, self-care tends to decline. Simple adjustments, such as a shift in one’s thinking, create significant changes and benefits. Thre

Six Steps to Keep You on Track When Life Throws You a Curve Ball

What change are you resisting? What if you simply gave yourself permission to move through the transformation? It’s quite possible a modification of your thoughts, words, actions, or any combination of the three is required instead of the adjustment from something external of you. Cha

Is Self-Care or Stress Leading You?

What do you attribute your stress to, someone or something outside of yourself, or something within you? How is your stress this time of year? This time of year can be very hectic and demanding for employees, employers, leaders of all types, and people in general. There are also cycli

How Does Your Value Impact Your Balance?

What are you willing to let go in order to create more work-life balance? Instead of work-life balance some of you may want to consider, what are you willing to let go to create a more rewarding or fulfilling life? Another possibility may be what are you willing to let go to achieve b

Is Your Pressure “Cooking” You?

Do you think your pressure comes from yourself or somewhere else? What about the claim, “I work better under pressure”? Sure, it is important to be able to perform well in pressure situations. Pressure situations, however, get labeled as such because of the strain we feel in handling

Turning The Tide On Holiday Stress

What does this time of year mean to you? Do you find the festivities and added friend/family interactions enjoyable or stressful? Some people focus on just “getting through”. When that’s your intent the result is feeling exhausted and drained at the conclusion. We can also get caught

What’s the Cause of Your Stress?

Do you identify your job, a person, or maybe . . . the economy as the cause of your stress? Are you implementing effective practices consistently? Such habits are extremely beneficial during life challenges – whether individually or on a larger scale. Though stress is a very individua