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I’m ‘Never’ a Challenge for Others, Are You?

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘relationship’? Family, significant other (or dating)? What about co-workers, clients/customers, Facebook, yourself, and the Divine? Have you also considered your relationship with money, material possessions, nature, food and possibly drugs

Relationships and Your Bottom Line

Have you ever considered how business and personal relationships mirror each other? Some of you may have just cringed. Others may have thought the personal relationships of those you work with are none of your business. Agree to a certain extent. The reality is however, relationship i

What’s Your Part?

Years ago a mentor told me a relationship can only be as healthy as the least effective person in the relationship. How many of you just thought of the ineffective people you interact with on a regular basis? In order for any of us to have beneficial relationships with others, persona