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What Are The Results of Your Investments?

Did the title cause you to think of your finances? Investing is a term typically used pertaining to money as in this definition from the Yahoo dictionary, To commit money or capital in order to gain a financial return. The second option listed is, To spend or devote for future advanta

Do You Have Time to Let Go?

What ONE thing would you really like to do or create in your life? The key to generating more of anything in life and business is letting go of something else. When you let go, you make room for the new to enter, it’s the law of circulation. Are you letting go of what would be better

How Do You Measure Progress?

Did you set resolutions or goals for 2013? An internet definition of resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something. Somehow firm decision seems to have been lost in association with a resolution as many people have a more casual or nonchalant approach. When applied effect

What Can We Learn From March Madness?

What lessons can we learn from March Madness to improve our lives personally and professionally? First, for those unaware, March Madness is the term referring to the frenzy of excitement, enthusiasm and unpredictability that occurs this month in college basketball. Not a sports fan? H

To Learn or Unlearn?

How often are you learning? You may respond “everyday”, however, can you state what you learned? If unable to state what has been learned, have we truly learned anything? Seems many stop consciously learning after whatever level formal education they complete. Consider the damage of u

In A Toxic Relationship?

How often are you pursuing or persisting in toxic relationships? Relationships come in all shapes and sizes. What about the relationships in your mind? In other words, the people you give your power to by thinking about them (or what they do) without possibly ever speaking with them.

Untapped, Dormant or Fully Utilized?

What gift in you is untapped? As Jack Canfield has been known to ask, “What are you pretending not to know?” How many times have you attempted to ignore a nudge from within only to experience the constant plaguing of that insight? Sometimes talents can be hidden behind excuses or even

Call It What You Want, It Stacks Up the Same!

Self-love is a way of expressing how you value yourself. Valuing yourself is essential to achieving goals and being effective.

A Routine Insight

Have you ever gained an insight that had been right in front of you for some time, but for whatever reason you hadn’t seen until that moment? That’s what I experienced on a recent walk along the canal near my house. As I walked, an obvious metaphor struck me. Obviously it wasn’t very