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How Does Your Value Impact Your Balance?

What are you willing to let go in order to create more work-life balance? Instead of work-life balance some of you may want to consider, what are you willing to let go to create a more rewarding or fulfilling life? Another possibility may be what are you willing to let go to achieve b

What are Your Boulders, Pebbles and Sand?

What are your sand, pebbles and boulders?  This may sound like a perplexing question yet that very concept had a significant impact on a number of people earlier this month when I presented Excuse Free Success: Winning by Losing! to a group of entrepreneurs. Boulders refer to what is

What if everything is perfect?

What if everything is perfect? This is a question I’ve been practicing applying to a variety of situations in life. For example, we just invited someone over for dinner. This person had never been to our home before. We requested our guest to arrive at five p.m. with the expectation t

The Game of Life

What sport has bigger stakes than life? Maybe you’ve never thought of life as a sport. Sports require a participant to hone skills in order to effectively complete tasks and obtain desired outcomes. In a broad sense isn’t that what life is all about? So how do sports parallel life? Sp

The Dash

I’ve heard it said that our life is lived in the space between when we’re born and when we die… or the dash. It is with a heavy heart that this month’s newsletter comes to you. The sudden loss of my brother Rob (I have 2 sisters as well) has caused me to reflec