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Are You Embracing Transformations?

What transformations are you currently undergoing? Good chance that there are far more than the conscious mind recognizes. Change is on-going and inevitable. In fact, not only is it perpetual, all growth or improvement comes from a form of modification. Of course, we get disgruntled w

Make That Change

Recently there have been a number of famous people who have made their transition – Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Billy Mays, and Michael Jackson. Why is it as humans we seem to need death to remind us to be a beacon of light, love, and possibilities in the world? In the case of Michael

Change is Constant

During my recent visit to Rhode Island and Connecticut for a series of workshops I presented I had the joy of witnessing picturesque fall foliage. Fall to me is symbolic of the beauty and necessity of change. The irony regarding change is people want different results without making a