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Where Is It Easy to Ask For What You Need or Want and Where Is It a Challenge?

Are you frustrated with others, yet overlooking your contribution to the result? One way to identify a skill set for you to improve is to examine any area or aspect in your life that irks you or you find perpetually difficult. There’s a high probability you are hiding behind excuses a

What Are The Results of Your Investments?

Did the title cause you to think of your finances? Investing is a term typically used pertaining to money as in this definition from the Yahoo dictionary, To commit money or capital in order to gain a financial return. The second option listed is, To spend or devote for future advanta

Three Concrete Techniques to Improve Your Business and Performance

Do you love to learn or do you simply love to expose yourself to educational material? What’s the difference? Many people are great at reading, listening or watching educational material and attending seminars, workshops or training sessions. True learning, however, only occurs in the

Do You Have the Right Mindset?

What current results in your life are you experiencing that you would like to be different? In order to enjoy new results there has to be a shift in mindset. Changing the mindset is such an important and valuable concept that a conference has once again brought me on board requesting