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When Gratitude Seems Out of Reach

How do you stay the course when life throws you multiple curve balls leaving you wondering if you even have a clue what course you’re on? Every business and every person goes through a variety of ebbs and flows. To think otherwise is a grave mistake. What company culture and personal

What, or Who, is Stealing Your Gratitude?

Do you know you could be more grateful? I know I could be. Do you sometimes forget to be grateful? Ugh, I do that too! Gratitude is a muscle that only gets more developed with practice. We know this; in fact we know a lot of things. Imagine what your life would be like if . . . when .

How Can Gratitude Help You, Morale, and Productivity Improve?

There is a lot of overlap how we handle life and business; which is why my message directly correlates to people personally and professionally on all levels. Why are they similar? Life involves interactions with others. Business exists and succeeds because of both the people at the bu

What’s Working Well?

What’s working well in your life? What’s working well in your business? What’s working well in your relationships? Plain and simple, what’s working well? “What’s working well is a question of regular practice in my home and in my office. That said, my humanness can get the best of me

What Does Gratitude Look, Sound and Feel Like to You?

What does gratitude look, sound and feel like to you? Gratitude is a form of acknowledging our blessings. When we embrace our blessings we have more bestowed upon us. Most people find it easy to be grateful for laughter, smiles, love, joy, abundance – stuff we refer to as pleasant or

Why Wait?

Why is it as humans we wait for excruciatingly painful events in our lives before we truly appreciate what and who we have in our lives? Could it be we need such events to wake us up and reclaim our lives from our typical, numb, unconscious state? This time of year reminds us to give

Redefining Good News

Have you ever asked life, the Universe, or God for something only to seem to receive the complete opposite? How did you respond? Could it be you got exactly what you asked for just not how you wanted it? Every morning I focus on gratitude before I get out of bed. As I do that I’m alig

Giving Thanks

As I met with some friends this past weekend we discussed the topic of gratitude. We all agreed practicing daily gratitude is beneficial. However, we were also humbled as we admitted we don’t always F-E-E-L grateful. Have you ever not felt grateful? Have you ever said you were gratefu