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Have the “Don’t Feel Like It” Syndrome?

How are you doing with your 2014 goals? Have you abandoned pursuit already? Mid to late January is typically when the majority of people lose motivation and cease any action toward their goals . . . that is if they identified any goals! Three common reasons for abandoning desires and

3 Steps to Improve Performance

Whether you are an entrepreneur or part of a team, what would elevating performance do for your results? 3 Steps to Improve Performance Take an honest inventory where currently at Decide what has to be improved in order to produce better results Commit to consistent and persistent act

Aligning You And Your Goals For Success!

What goals have you set for yourself this year? Have you already forgotten them? Are they perpetual goals that are stated yearly without moving in that direction? Funny thing about goals; and maybe annoying; they do not achieve themselves. Achievement is directly proportional to the i

Truths or Excuses

How often in life do we avoid a task claiming it’s too difficult? Too overwhelming? We don’t know how? Or don’t know where to begin? Are these truths or excuses? Seems to me more often than not they’re excuses. Why excuses, especially since there is some truth