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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

In the past week I’ve attended two professional development events that had a similar theme of loving ourselves as a primary message. What theme occurred for you recently? Were you so caught up in “doing” that you missed “being” or the opportunity to receive the insight? The universe

Are Disappointments Running Your Life?

How do you respond to disappointment in your life? The answer has determined your today and is shaping your tomorrow. It’s one thing to read the previous statement and agree. And it’s a whole other level to apply the concept. Disappointments show up in all aspects in life. Currently,

Looking Past the Obvious

Have you ever attempted to “run a quick errand” only to have the Universe decide otherwise? How did you respond? Did you get irritated? Or did you look past the obvious and see the gift – even if the gift wasn’t evident? A recent visit to the grocery store reminded me how we must look

What do you value most?

What would your life look like if you valued serenity more than rightness? Think of a time when you were unwilling to surrender your rightness. Not rights as responsibilities, but rightness in the sense of right or wrong. Do you feel yourself getting agitated? Can you be effective fro

The Right to Enjoy Life

Have you ever been in a good mood until you were around someone who wasn’t? Have you ever allowed the circumstances surrounding you rob you of enjoying life? The temptation is to blame the external for our internal state. This behavior actually worsens our situation by abandoning resp