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Where Does Your Role in Customer Service Begin and End?

Where does your role in customer service begin and end? Are you owning your participation in the process or do you tend to look at the changes others could make? For example, the number one reason cited for employees leaving their organization is because of poor management. Employees

Six Steps to Improve Your Customer Service

What can you do to improve your customer service? Customer service, like life and business, is a continual on-going process. When you think you’re “there” further development ceases. A common excuse that plagues entrepreneurs and teams is to exclaim “I didn’t d

How Would You Rate Your Customer Service?

How important is customer service to you? Does it vary if you are the provider or the receiver? The truth to that last question lies within how you actually have responded to people or situations, rather than on what you may know the answer to be. We know a lot of things; or at least