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Where is Your Stress Taking You?

What is the cause of your current stress level? Interestingly, most people and organizations tend to look at outside factors. Achievements parallel our own development, both as individuals and as teams. The real causes of stress are rarely acknowledged or addressed. Common Stressors U

I’m ‘Never’ a Challenge for Others, Are You?

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘relationship’? Family, significant other (or dating)? What about co-workers, clients/customers, Facebook, yourself, and the Divine? Have you also considered your relationship with money, material possessions, nature, food and possibly drugs

Explode Into Unlimited Possibilities

What does success mean to you? That is a term that is often casually and flippantly used, yet have you ever paused to specifically define the word for you beyond a generalization? A common hurdle that has us get in our own way (me included) is the self-doubt of are we “good enough”. O

What Are The Results of Your Investments?

Did the title cause you to think of your finances? Investing is a term typically used pertaining to money as in this definition from the Yahoo dictionary, To commit money or capital in order to gain a financial return. The second option listed is, To spend or devote for future advanta

Do You Have Time to Let Go?

What ONE thing would you really like to do or create in your life? The key to generating more of anything in life and business is letting go of something else. When you let go, you make room for the new to enter, it’s the law of circulation. Are you letting go of what would be better

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

In the past week I’ve attended two professional development events that had a similar theme of loving ourselves as a primary message. What theme occurred for you recently? Were you so caught up in “doing” that you missed “being” or the opportunity to receive the insight? The universe

3 Steps to Improve Performance

Whether you are an entrepreneur or part of a team, what would elevating performance do for your results? 3 Steps to Improve Performance Take an honest inventory where currently at Decide what has to be improved in order to produce better results Commit to consistent and persistent act

Do You Have the Right Mindset?

What current results in your life are you experiencing that you would like to be different? In order to enjoy new results there has to be a shift in mindset. Changing the mindset is such an important and valuable concept that a conference has once again brought me on board requesting

What About The People You Could Do Without?

How do your relationships affect where you are, compared to where you want to be – personally or professionally? The ones that work well of course are enjoyable and beneficial. What about the people you could do without? It’s always them, right? Even if you can be honest for a moment

How SMART are You and Your Goals?

A goal itself is useless without the action. Obvious? What do you keep saying you’d like to be different that you’ve yet to commit the effort? Or what did you start this year pledging that you’ve already abandoned? Any topic, as you know, can typically be expanded. Therefore, though m

Is Your Pressure “Cooking” You?

Do you think your pressure comes from yourself or somewhere else? What about the claim, “I work better under pressure”? Sure, it is important to be able to perform well in pressure situations. Pressure situations, however, get labeled as such because of the strain we feel in handling

In A Toxic Relationship?

How often are you pursuing or persisting in toxic relationships? Relationships come in all shapes and sizes. What about the relationships in your mind? In other words, the people you give your power to by thinking about them (or what they do) without possibly ever speaking with them.