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The Choice is Up to You!

How do you handle the day-to-day fluctuations of life and business? In our personal lives and at our organizations, invariably things happen we dislike: a new policy; another person – coworker, client, family, service provider etc., behaves in a manner other than we desire; a task tak

I’m ‘Never’ a Challenge for Others, Are You?

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘relationship’? Family, significant other (or dating)? What about co-workers, clients/customers, Facebook, yourself, and the Divine? Have you also considered your relationship with money, material possessions, nature, food and possibly drugs

3 Steps to Improve Performance

Whether you are an entrepreneur or part of a team, what would elevating performance do for your results? 3 Steps to Improve Performance Take an honest inventory where currently at Decide what has to be improved in order to produce better results Commit to consistent and persistent act

Letting Go Brings Positive Results

When is the last time you took a look in the mirror and saw only you? This is one of the hardest things for people to do and yet absolutely essential to improve. When any part of your life – personal or professional – is misaligned, it all begins with an honest look at self. Most peop

What About The People You Could Do Without?

How do your relationships affect where you are, compared to where you want to be – personally or professionally? The ones that work well of course are enjoyable and beneficial. What about the people you could do without? It’s always them, right? Even if you can be honest for a moment

In A Toxic Relationship?

How often are you pursuing or persisting in toxic relationships? Relationships come in all shapes and sizes. What about the relationships in your mind? In other words, the people you give your power to by thinking about them (or what they do) without possibly ever speaking with them.

How Well Are You Prepared for Success?

Are you prepared for achieving your desired success or are you waiting for success to get prepared?  We seem to want guarantees in life.  Even though most would admit there are no guarantees.  Well maybe one, we will all die at some point.  Anyway, how many times have you placed your

Are You Authentic?

Think of a time where you acted in haste or felt you “had to” do something from the sense of someone or something stronger than you, what was the outcome?  Often when we’re in these situations we perceive there isn’t time to pause.  Yet taking a breath and pausing is very powerful. In

What are You Thinking, Saying, Doing?

How many times have you mentally replayed a situation that annoys you, frustrates you, in some way causes you distress?  Silly question?  How many times have you replayed celebrations, joyous moments?  Most people revisit painful memories multiple times and overlook the ones that coul

Responding to Challenges

How do you respond when a challenging situation shows up in your life? Do you classify it differently or place a different emphasis on the circumstance depending on the time of the year? Challenges are unaware of seasons, holidays or any other aspect of our life. We decide the degree

How much do you Love Yourself?

Does this question generate discomfort in you? Do you think it sounds corny? Indulge me for a moment or two. Valentine’s Day was celebrated earlier this month. This celebration usually focuses on love towards another person. I pose we have to deeply love ourselves before we can truly

Interested or Committed?

Did you make any resolutions for 2009? How are you doing so far? Are you still on track? It’s not too soon to start assessing your progress. If you didn’t make any resolutions is it because you know you cannot trust yourself to follow through? Many people make light of this aspect but