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The Choice is Up to You!

How do you handle the day-to-day fluctuations of life and business? In our personal lives and at our organizations, invariably things happen we dislike: a new policy; another person – coworker, client, family, service provider etc., behaves in a manner other than we desire; a task tak

Where Is It Easy to Ask For What You Need or Want and Where Is It a Challenge?

Are you frustrated with others, yet overlooking your contribution to the result? One way to identify a skill set for you to improve is to examine any area or aspect in your life that irks you or you find perpetually difficult. There’s a high probability you are hiding behind excuses a

Are You Working Smarter or Harder?

How do you handle the demands of everyday life and business? If you’re like most people, and I suspect you are, you have a barrage of responsibilities and tasks to accomplish on a daily basis. The question is, do you put added and unnecessary pressure on yourself and make it harder in

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

In the past week I’ve attended two professional development events that had a similar theme of loving ourselves as a primary message. What theme occurred for you recently? Were you so caught up in “doing” that you missed “being” or the opportunity to receive the insight? The universe

Six Steps to Keep You on Track When Life Throws You a Curve Ball

What change are you resisting? What if you simply gave yourself permission to move through the transformation? It’s quite possible a modification of your thoughts, words, actions, or any combination of the three is required instead of the adjustment from something external of you. Cha

3 Steps to Improve Performance

Whether you are an entrepreneur or part of a team, what would elevating performance do for your results? 3 Steps to Improve Performance Take an honest inventory where currently at Decide what has to be improved in order to produce better results Commit to consistent and persistent act

How Can Gratitude Help You, Morale, and Productivity Improve?

There is a lot of overlap how we handle life and business; which is why my message directly correlates to people personally and professionally on all levels. Why are they similar? Life involves interactions with others. Business exists and succeeds because of both the people at the bu

Coal or Diamond?

What is pressure? The dictionary offers a variety of definitions that you can explore if you desire. Even though pressure is a part of life and business, there is some degree of discomfort associated with the process. The distress or awkwardness indicates a clash of sorts. Maybe there

What About The People You Could Do Without?

How do your relationships affect where you are, compared to where you want to be – personally or professionally? The ones that work well of course are enjoyable and beneficial. What about the people you could do without? It’s always them, right? Even if you can be honest for a moment

What’s Working Well?

What’s working well in your life? What’s working well in your business? What’s working well in your relationships? Plain and simple, what’s working well? “What’s working well is a question of regular practice in my home and in my office. That said, my humanness can get the best of me

Is Your Pressure “Cooking” You?

Do you think your pressure comes from yourself or somewhere else? What about the claim, “I work better under pressure”? Sure, it is important to be able to perform well in pressure situations. Pressure situations, however, get labeled as such because of the strain we feel in handling

In A Toxic Relationship?

How often are you pursuing or persisting in toxic relationships? Relationships come in all shapes and sizes. What about the relationships in your mind? In other words, the people you give your power to by thinking about them (or what they do) without possibly ever speaking with them.